Here are a few things to know about our wallcovering designs and how to buy them.

Contract wallcoverings

“Contract wallcoverings” refers to wallcoverings made on more durable synthetic materials, suitable for higher-traffic areas like hotels, office buildings and other commercial and institutional settings. These products are also printed and delivered as rolls, but the 54” width is around twice that of products made for residential use. We’ve been designing these products for Koroseal Interior Products, in Fairlawn, Ohio, for years, and Koroseal has been consistently ingenious at taking our textures and other effects and making them “come alive.” We are proud that Koroseal has been a leader in minimizing the environmental impact of these products, including a recycling/reclamation program.

They are sold to professional designers and architects, but anyone can see complete product specifications by clicking on the “ask for a sample” button on any of the product pages our website.

  • Wallcovering designed by Evans & Brown

     Contract Wallcoverings for Koroseal

Digital murals

Our digital murals are also available through Koroseal. We design the original images; some are landscapes and other scenes “from life,” while others are more abstract patterns. Koroseal works with buyers to determine size, coloring and materials to meet the needs of specific settings and conditions. These kinds of designs have helped distinguish grand public spaces for centuries, but with the advent of high-quality digital printing it’s become much easier and more affordable to impart the same kind of drama to modern-day settings. You can find out more about how these products can be tailored from Koroseal’s digital studios team.

  • Wallcovering designed by Evans & Brown

     Digital Murals for Koroseal


For home settings, we offer designs through Brewster Home Fashions. Brewster, based in Randolph, Mass., sells their products directly to U.S. consumers through an extensive network of retailers. You’ll find one is usually as close as your neighborhood paint store: Use this locator page to find the one most convenient for you.

To learn more about measuring and hanging wallpaper, check out Brewster’s own excellent how-to section. You can also find an installer by searching here. Our Brewster wallpapers are printed on coated heavyweight paper, and washable. They are strippable, making them easy to remove or reposition.

  • Wallcovering designed by Evans & Brown

     Wallpaper collection for Brewster Home Fashions