Here are a few things it may be helpful to know about our custom mural art.

Getting started

Architects and designers around the world have commissioned murals and other artwork from us for more than three decades, inspiring us to explore a wide range of styles and methods. We have done a great deal of work for hotels and restaurants, including Wynn Resorts, Kerzner International Resorts and other major hotel groups, including Kimpton and Four Seasons. On occasion, a commission might involve multiple works for a single property or a combination of original artwork for public spaces and custom digital prints for guest rooms. We also work frequently at a smaller, more private scale, for projects in private clubs, professional offices and private residences.

Our gallery pages will give you some idea of the range of scale and style that’s possible. If something fires your imagination, let us know. If we’ve merely raised more questions, that’s fine, too. Either way, we’d love to hear from you and discuss your wishes and needs.

Most of our commissions begin with just such a discussion, sometimes about a specific setting, often a particular theme or style. A client may supply some specific ideas, or more often, a general description of the setting, the purpose of the space, and a budget. Our continuing collaborations with Roger Thomas, Executive Vice President of Design and Development for Wynn Resorts, are a great example of how this can work. Roger’s ideas offer a great starting point for discussion, and the results often delight us both. “Working for Wynn is wonderful, because Roger is always coming up with challenging, inventive, wonderful ideas,” says Charley. Mark adds that he lets them “spiral out from an idea. He’s not locked in stone. We can innovate. It makes for a better work of art in the end.”

  • mural-art-in-the-making

    Work in progress.

Our process

Some commissions may entail a good deal of research and exploration – perhaps offering a great excuse to add to our already extensive library of art and history books. Depending on the scale of the project and the timeframe, we may engage additional assistants or hire extra studio space in San Francisco to complete a project. If an installation is large or complex, we’ll travel to complete it and be sure it lives up to our joint vision. For a Kerzner International project, we spent three weeks in Dubai installing dozens of works at the company’s Atlantis The Palm mega-resort. You may find some of the videos on our YouTube page helpful in understanding more about how we work.

Please get in touch and let us know how we can help you add some magic to your next project.