Ceiling Mural | Evans and Brown mural art

Heavens above

Beginning in the 15th century Italian artists perfected techniques known as di sotto in sù and quadratura. Practitioners were renowned for their mastery of forced perspective, the art (or science, some might argue) of manipulating human perception to make objects appear closer or further than they really are. Archetypically, these artists created dazzling overhead scenes, revealing roofs open to the skies, with swirls of clouds, angels and saints. Photos on a two-dimensional screen can only give some idea of the energy and whim they bring to their work, as the trick in forced perspective works best if the observer is standing in one particular spot and looking up. But the below sampling of their work attests both to the regard of Evans & Brown for the noble achievements of the Baroque, and to the dexterity with which they can leave Baroque subjects far behind.