Townsend Center | Evans & Brown mural art

The art is the destination

Natural venues for action and sometimes drama, hotel lobbies are heirs to Baroque and Renaissance decorative traditions. San Francisco mural artists Mark Evans and Charley Brown work with hoteliers the world over, developing one-of-a-kind experiences. Their work features prominently in the widely admired creations of Wynn Resorts designer Roger Thomas. The developers of Dubai’s giant Atlantis The Palm, Kerzner International Resorts, commissioned dozens of works to bedeck the resort’s marine-themed public spaces.

In establishments around the world, Evans & Brown’s hotel murals welcome guests with fanciful, evocative imagery. (The orbs above, a particular favorite of the artists, were designed for a San Francisco building lobby that has since been renovated.) A whirl of fabric adds energy and life a Tokyu group establishment in Yokohama.

For The Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group’s Palomar in Washington, D.C., a 7′ x 22′ painted mural makes three portrait photographs even more striking by turning them into paintings of what Charley calls “stuttering shots.” Evans & Brown works also distinguish Kimpton properties in at least three other U.S. cities.